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Massachusetts Midterm Election Results
Massachusetts Midterm Election Results

Professional Email

Claim Your Professional Springfield MA Email!

Build trust locally with a professional personal, easy to remember email address. Over 900 million people have gmail accounts. With so many accounts being registered names are email names are becoming scarce. 

Who Is This Email Service For?

This email service is for anyone looking to build a trust worthy reputation locally. Below is a list of individuals our email service would be great for:

  1. Real Estate Brokers
  2. Recruiters
  3. Job Seekers
  4. Event Planners
  5. Entrepreneurs and more!

Email Hosted On Gmail Platform

Here is an example for job seekers looking to get hired. Instead of typing your email address as [email protected] on your resume. You could choose [email protected] Our email address looks more professional and they are easier to remember. 
Don't worry you wont have to learn a new platform to get your emails. The emails are hosted on Zoho's platform. There is nothing complicated about the process and you can even download the Zoho app!

Our Price

Personalized Email

Our price is a $19.99/year flat rate fee. No commitment is required and you can cancel your email at anytime.
*Once a name has been registered it cannot be re-registered by anyone else, even if the customer has canceled their account. This is to prevent privacy issues.