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Massachusetts Midterm Election Results
Massachusetts Midterm Election Results
Springfield, MA Police Department

Springfield, MA Police Department

Springfield MA Police Cruiser

Springfield, MA Police Cruiser | Image Credit:


Springfield Police Department: The Blueprint for the Future of Policing?



Springfield, MA Police Department has a long proud history in our area going back centuries. Today we can still be proud of our police as the Springfield Police Department has a great record of serving the community, and diversity and for carrying out an approach to policing which is just not seen in many other areas across the USA. This approach is extremely effective when it comes to crime prevention.



The Origins of the Springfield, MA Police Department


Founded in 1636 the early police department was mainly preoccupied with upholding law and order throughout the early lawless and dangerous days of our nation.They were the first police department to introduce speeding laws to prevent horses from galloping down High Street. 


What sets the Springfield, MA Police Department apart from many similar-sized police departments in the USA is that the Springfield Police department is very community-focused at the root level. Springfield Police aims to increase engagement with the city communities and get behind community projects so that everyone can work together for the welfare of the common good.



So Who Is the Springfield, MA Police Department?



The Springfield, MA Police Department consists of 500 personnel. There are approximately 420 patrol officers and 80 supervisors serving a population of around 154,000 inhabitants. Cheryl Clapprood heads the SPD as Police Superintendent. Born and raised in Springfield she has served the city for over 40 years and has the distinction of becoming the first female police superintendent in the city’s history.


Unlike many other police departments, SPD is very diverse with 51% of officers coming from African American, Asian, or Hispanic backgrounds. This means that the police department is representative of the population it serves, and because the SPD is so community-focused, Springfield residents can meet with Beat Officers to discuss any issues or projects. Beat Officers operate across 3 sectors and include 9 districts. This initiative encourages citizens to get involved with the community by taking part in the Springfield Citizens Police Academy, a 10-week program to learn more about the role of the SPD and how it can help communities.


Every month SPD publishes a list of local engagements across the various areas. These enable people across all districts to voice any concerns they may have about crime in the area as well as voice any other issues that may be troubling them.



Springfield, MA Police Department Community Projects



Participating and running community projects is a vital component of the SPD operating style. Cheryl Clapprood set up the Springfield Police Youth Athletic Association in 1994, coaching some of the teams herself. The association hosts numerous sporting events such as cycle races and has become part of the event fixtures across the community.


Cheryl Clapprood also personally runs the Stephen O’Brien Memorial Learn to Skate program which began in 1996 and takes place each winter.

Other Police initiatives include hosting block parties, showing up at local events, hosting sporting occasions, and generally providing a visible presence so that inhabitants can meet and get to know their police force.



Springfield, MA Police Officers We'll Never Forget


Springfield, MA Police

Springfield, MA Police | Image Credit:


Despite the SPD’s great record of community engagement, no one should forget that our courageous police officers routinely lay their lives on the line for the good of the community. 17 officers have been killed in the line of duty since 1636 and these brave souls are commemorated and remembered in the Fallen Officer Memorial situated outside the Springfield Police Headquarters on Pearl Street.


Contact Info



  •  130 Pearl Street | Springfield, MA 01105
  •  Non-Emergency: 413-787-6300
  •  [email protected]


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